vacuum press laminated pvc 3D


  • The ROBO is the vacuum press for 3D PVC with the highest capacity of its range. It is capable of rolling curved doors or columns with moulds up to 90 mm radius. The ROBO is equipped with a PLC that allows you to control all phases of the pressing process automatically with the help of 12 programmable menus. It is equipped with a Becker 100 m3/h vacuum pump offering the user the full guarantee of a German brand at the service of the most demanding kitchen and bathroom fitters.

    The use of magnetic supports to enhance the doors allows comfortable and clean work.

    The machine has a “step by step” vacuum function much appreciated by the workshops and operators.

    This function allows you to control the first times of the vacuum and to work in steps for a perfect marking of all the details of your doors.

    Its infrared heating system guarantees speed and efficiency when heating PVC.

    Infrared lamps do not heat the air, but transmit electromagnetic waves that generate heat in the product, saving time, space and energy.

    The machine consists of a vacuum table mounted on 2 rails so that it can be placed under the heat dome and extracted as appropriate. In this way the operator works comfortably outside the hot zone, being able to access all parts of the vacuum table.

    The dome of infrared lamps has a capacity of up to 110 mm high, allowing work

    The dome of infrared lamps has a capacity of up to 110 mm high, allowing work on slightly curved doors.

    From the control desk, the vacuum time and pressure is controlled and a laser probe (no contact) allows to regulate the temperature under the dome.

    The vacuum table can work with or without membranes. The membranes can be made of natural rubber or silicone.

    ECO is recommended for medium-production industrial use. The work cycles are especially short, between 4 and 5 minutes for PVC work.

    • Vacuum table mounted on rails
    • PLC with 12 programmable menus
    • Vacuum table movements and pressing cycle is managed by PLC
    • Becker brand oil vacuum pump 100m3/h model U 5.100
    • Maximum vacuum pressure achieved: up to 9,8 t/m2
    • Manual or automatic working mode
    • Multi-perforated metal vacuum table finished with sliding paint
    • Heating dome with infrared lamps.
    • Dome insulation with 50 mm rock wool.
    • The dome is covered by an unbreakable ABS housing
    • Maximum attainable temperature: 140ºC
    • Temperature control with high precision non-contact probe
    • Digital clock and temperature control managed by the PLC
    • Vacuum time and pressure managed by the PLC
    • Steel support feet with anti-vibration rubber
    • Electric elements brand Schneider Electric
    • Short cycles of work
    • 200 magnetic supports supplied, allow to lift the parts of the vacuum table
    • 1 emergency stop button on the mobile desk
    • Light inside the dome
    • Anchors and metal structure for transport
    • Electrical connection 380v / 50-60Hz/ 3~
    • Maximum electrical power 22,5 kW – 34 A
    • Warranty for 2 years


Machine Size Off-All3500 mm.3000 mm.1700 mm.
Useful size of the oven2710 mm.1230 mm.90 mm.
External dimensions of the frame 2870 mm. 1350 mm. 50 mm.
Total machine weight: 1350 kg.


  • Second workbench to double production
  • Frame of the membrane
  • Table separator
  • Support for PVC roll with 4 wheels
  • Cutter for clean cuts


ROBO has been manufactured for a suitable use in the following materials:

Thermoplastics (PVC Renolit or Bonlex, ABS, PMMA, PET, Kydex, etc.)

Las maderas termoformables (Weden, UMP grada 2000, MDF, etc.)

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